Price list

Every customer is different and we always try to tailor the offer to each one.
Nevertheless, we attach typical costings of our services provided to you, our customers.
If you have any specific requirements or need further information, feel free to reach out.
Our transparent pricing ensures customer satisfaction.
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Business Planning Services

  1. Business Plan Development: We specialize in creating comprehensive business plans tailored to your project or product. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our team will work closely with you to outline your goals and strategies. Prices start at 50,000 CZK/ 2,000 EUR.

  2. Financial Planning: Our financial experts will assist you in developing a solid financial plan for your project or product. From budgeting to forecasting, we’ve got you covered. Prices begin at 40,000 CZK/ 1,600 EUR.

  3. Economic Consultancy: Unlock the key success factors of your company with our economic consultancy services. We offer both one-off consultations and long-term partnerships.

  4. Cash Flow Analysis: Understand your company’s cash flow dynamics with our detailed analysis. Prices start at 40,000 CZK / 1,600EUR.

  5. Economic and Financial Analysis: Our experts will analyze your financial data, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Prices vary based on the scope of analysis.

  6. Implementation Support: Need help implementing changes or launching a new project? We’re here to assist. Prices start at 20,000 CZK per month or 4,000 CZK per hour.

If you have any specific requirements or need further information, feel free to reach out. 


We will prepare regular reports for your management according to the chosen frequency.

Starting from 20,000 CZK / 850 EUR per month

Controlling & Financial Analysis

We will uncover what lies beneath the reported numbers and assist you with corrective actions.

Starting from 20,000 CZK / 850 EUR per month

Accounting Review

Do you feel that something doesn’t quite add up in your accounting? Do you suspect there might be errors? We’ll take a look and identify any issues.

Starting from 2,000 CZK / 85 EUR  per hour.

Financial Statements and Interim Reports Preparation

Need to prepare financial statements for the bank or investors? Whether it’s your first time or not, we’ll help you with everything you need.

Starting from 10,000 CZK / 425 EUR per company.

Preparing Your Company for External and Internal Audits

Is your company getting ready for an external or internal audit? Whether it’s your first time or not, we’ll assist you with all necessary preparations.

Starting from 50,000 CZK / 2,000 EUR per report.

Financial Management of Your Company

We’ll help you manage your company’s finances effectively. Our collaboration typically involves weekly updates.

Starting from 50,000 CZK / 2,000 EUR per month.

Accounting and Tax Management

Accounting and Tax Management

  1. Accounting Software: We utilize modern technologies and methods, including accounting software such as POHODA SQL and HELIOS iNuvio SQL.

    • Price: Starting from 5,000 CZK / 250 EUR per month.
  2. Payroll Accounting:

    • Price: From 500 CZK / 25 EUR per employee per month.
  3. Accounting Services:

    • Price for Accounting Processing in Your Software and Other Services: From 2,000 CZK / 80 EUR per hour.
    • Statistical Reports: Included in monthly fee.
  4. Financial Statements and Audits:

    • Compilation of Financial Statements: Ensuring accurate financial reporting.
    • Internal Audit and Cooperation on Statutory Audit: Collaborating to meet compliance requirements.
    • Consolidation (CZ GAAP, IFRS): Expertise in consolidating financial data.
    • Price: Starting from 50,000 CZK / 2,000 EUR.
  5. Data Box Management:

    • Price: From 500 CZK / 25 EUR per month.
  6. Internal Guidelines Preparation:

    • Topics: Accounting, HR, Payroll.
    • Price: From 5,000CZK / 250 EUR per guideline